Mouse Exchange @ Hands on Humanities

Join researchers from the University of Southampton for a family day suitable for all ages. Come and explore the wide variety of interactive activities, workshops, talks and tours that will give you an insight into the amazing Humanities research that takes place at the university every day. Join a poetry workshop, help our archaeologists unearth new finds, be transported by a magical story or go on an historical adventure.


Avenue Campus, University of Southampton

Highfield Road 

Southampton, SO17 1BF United Kingdom

This event has now passed but you can read more about the Mouse Exchange in this blog post or download this short evaluation report

Summary for lists: 

Where do lab mice come from? Where do they end up? Joins us for crafting felt mice to exchange or take home. You can also explore the history, practices, and ideas of care involved in making laboratory mice. But don't worry - if you would like to sew a mouse but are less sure about discussing laboratory animal research origins that is absolutely fine!