Collaboration & Communication

Using the full range of influences wthin the nexus to collaboratively discover emerging challenges for science and society.

We shall use nexus thinking to:

  • Build capacity across the sciences, social sciences and humanities for interdisciplinary approaches to laboratory animal research  through conferences, workshops, publications and online, connect different perspectives and generate shared understandings.
  • Co-produce new empirical research on the current challenges in animal research, working closely with our advisory committee, project partners and lay-members’ group to shape research questions, analysis and dissemination.
  • Create resources, events, and platforms for exchange between policy, practitioners and publics through high-quality communications, community-derived guidelines and training for specialists, and dynamic public engagement activities.
  • To appreciate that a framework is not only a map but also a list of obstacles. To be attentive to a fuller range of influences and powers acting on and shaping bodies within the nexus so we can collaboratively face emerging challenges for science and society.

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Engagement Activities


Our recent work has explored visibility - of animals, practices, and labour - in animal research.

In our experience so far, one aspect of working collaboratively is that tacit assumptions about academic working practices need to be made explicit. This report aims to highlight our working assumptions about the topic of publication ethics.

This poster presents through provocations from our public engagement approach, which seek to weave in new perspectives, allow new communities to form and meaningfully connect, so we may collaboratively face emerging challenges for science and society together.


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