Animal Research beyond the Laboratory: Report from a Workshop on Places Other than Licensed Establishments (POLEs) in the UK

A. Palmer, B. Greenhough, P. Hobson‐West, R. Message, J.N. Aegerter, Z. Belshaw, N. Dennison, R. Dickey, J. Lane, J. Lorimer, K. Millar, C. Newman, K. Pullen, S.J. Reynolds, D.J. Wells, M.J. Witt, S. Wolfensohn
Publication date

Animal research conducted outside of the laboratory faces various unique challenges, but has received only limited attention in terms of official guidelines, support, and statistics. To improve understanding, we held a workshop bringing together experts familiar with a variety of nonlaboratory animal research contexts (e.g., wildlife field sites, farms, fisheries, veterinary clinics, zoos). We collectively identified five key areas that we propose require further discussion and attention, which we present in this paper. While the workshop focused on research in the UK, our conclusions may have implications for similar work overseas.