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Our recent work has explored visibility - of animals, practices, and labour - in animal research.

The issues of openness, transparency and public engagement about animal research have taken focus in several different countries in recent years. This open access paper gives an account of a two-day-long, international expert forum on this topic.

This report discusses the different expectations people have of Patient and Public involvement and Engagement with animal research. We review the opportunities and challenges across perspectives. We also identify preliminary recommendations for enabling more meaningful involvement.

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Written by: Pru Hobson-West
Written by: Sara Peres
Written by: Bentley Crudgington
Written by: Bentley Crudgington
Written by: Renelle McGlacken, Tess Skidmore, Bentley Crudgington
Written by: Tess Skidmore
Written by: Rich Gorman, Bentley Crudgington, Gail Davies


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