Mapping the history of animal research as nexus will reconstruct the development, implementation, impact and evolution of A(SP)A 1986 to produce the first comprehensive historical account of UK animal research as nexus. This project is examining the historical transformation of the UK animal research nexus, from the late 20th century to the present, employing three overlapping questions mapped to chronical periods:

  1. Why did reform of the UK Cruelty to Animals Act (1876) become necessary, c.1966-1976?
  2. How did A(SP)A emerge as a new settlement for regulating UK animal research, c.1976¬1986?
  3. What consequence had A(SP)A and how has it evolved, c.1986-present?

Historical research brings empirical coherence to the animal research nexus by reconstructing the co-development of scientific practice, governance regimes and public understandings of animal research as an interconnected historical process or ‘nexus’.