Developing a Collaborative Agenda for Humanities and Social Scientific Research on Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare

Davies GF, Greenhough BJ, Hobson-West P, Kirk RGW, Applebee K, Bellingan LC, et al.
Project area: 
Publication date: 
July, 2016

The LASSH (Laboratory Animals in the Social Sciences and Humanities) network was established in 2014, with support from the Wellcome Trust and the University of Exeter. The aims of this interdisciplinary and international network are to:

  • bring perspectives from the humanities and social sciences into dialogue with practitioners and stakeholders across laboratory animal science and welfare,
  • define significant research questions exploring the historical developments, current practices and future challenges in animal research, and
  • develop collaborative ways of working to address them.

We published our collaborative agenda for future humanities and social scientific research on laboratory animal science and welfare in PLOS ONE in July 2016. This article was featured in the Times Higher Education article “These are the questions we should be asking about animal research” on 21 July 2016. This publication has informed the questions which we are exploring in the Animal Research Nexus Collaborative Award.