Publications: Reports

July 2019 – Report

Issue 2, Summer 2019

March 2019 – Report

Issue 1, Spring 2019

February 2019 – Report

This Statement explains how the Animal Research Nexus Team makes use of any personal information collected about you in connection with our research.

January 2019 – Report

This report discusses the different expectations people have of Patient and Public involvement and Engagement with animal research. We review the opportunities and challenges across perspectives. We also identify preliminary recommendations for enabling more meaningful involvement.

December 2018 – Report

In our experience so far, one aspect of working collaboratively is that tacit assumptions about academic working practices need to be made explicit. This report aims to highlight our working assumptions about the topic of publication ethics.

October 2018 – Report

This report provides a record of the discussions at a workshop which brought together lay members from across the biomedical research sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges of shaping biomedical research.