Coronavirus Connections

Using work from the Animal Research Nexus team to explore the human-animal and science-society entanglements around the Covid-19 pandemic

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Issue 4 is a COVID-19 special edition

Blog entry

Written by: Gail Davies

Plans to restart research in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing extraordinary attention to the intimate arrangements of indoor space.

Written by: Annex Admin

We are delighted to publish this guest blog as part of our Coronavirus Connections series.

Written by: Bentley Crudgington, Gail Davies

Vector is an interactive experience, which uses elements of performance, game, and integrated technology to open up dialogue about the ethical dilemmas of using animals as part of medical research.

Written by: Emma Roe

Written by: Ally Palmer

The Covid-19 crisis has clearly had significant effects on animal research, including research in the field.

Written by: Pru Hobson-West

This is one of a series of Animal Research Nexus blogs drawing on our current and past work to explore the human-animal and science-society entanglements in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Written by: Gail Davies

The Animal Research Nexus team would like to recognise the ongoing work and care of everyone across the biomedical research, animal research, and health and public engagement communities today.