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What kinds of ethical and practical challenges do wildlife researchers face? How do these challenges compare with those faced by researchers working with laboratory animals? And how is wildlife research currently (and ideally) regulated in the UK? This plenary given by Dr Julie Lane is organised by the Oxford Species & Spaces Animal Research Nexus team, held at Keble College, Oxford, 5-6pm on the 30th of September, 2019. It may be of particular interest to conservation and wildlife researchers. @APHAgovuk @AnimalResNexus

The Oxford Species & Spaces team is holding a panel discussion on the regulation of citizen science, as part of our work on animal research at POLEs. This event is part of the ERSC Festival of Social Science and hosted by the Oxford Museum of Natural History, 7:30-9pm, 6th November 2019. Sign up for the event here. @morethanadodo @AnimalResNexus @esrc #festivalsocialscience

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Ally Palmer

Can animals volunteer to participate in research? If so, what does volunteering look like, and what does it mean for animal welfare?


We are delighted to announce that Ally Palmer joined the Animal Research Nexus team based at Oxford University from July 2018. Ally will be working on the practices of ethics and oversight when research is carried out in POLES - or places other than licenced establishments.